Summer Green Bundle – Twistshake

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Summer Bundle Green from Twistshake

Click Mat Mini, Pastel Green
Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 330ml, Green
Hot or Cold Bottle 420ml, Green
Plate & Lid 6+m, Pastel Green
Bowl 6+m, Pastel Green
5x Ezybag, 2100ml
Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 180ml, Green
Anti-Colic Glass Bottle, 180ml Green
Learn Cutlery Stainless Steel 12+m, Green

Bundle  :

Click Mat Mini, Pastel Blue

Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 330ml, Blue

Hot or Cold Bottle 420ml, Blue

Plate & Lid 6+m, Pastel Blue

Bowl 6+m, Pastel Blue

5x Squeeze Bags 100ml, Fruit

3X Feeding Spoon 4+m Pastel Blue

Anti-Colic Stainless Steel 330ml, Marble Blue

Anti-Colic Glass Bottle, 180ml Blue




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