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Thumb Sucking Prevention and Treatment – Dr. Thumb

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The most easy and effective way to stop thumb sucking!

Made from soft non toxic silicone, Dr Thumb is designed to fit and securely fasten to the thumbs of both right and left hands.

Dr Thumb does not restrict the child’s ability to play and does not cause any pain or discomfort.

In a clinical study, Dr. Thumb was proven to have a 92% success rate at breaking the thumb-sucking habit after 4 weeks of use.

What’s included in the box: *1 Dr Thumb guard *2 adjustable straps *1 storage case *1 user guide



1. Dr. thumb (Dr. Thumb) finger sucking is a professional calibrator.
2. Is a fast and comfortable – similar to those that suck your thumb sill feel satisfaction and psychological
and physical burden without sucking fingers only reduces interest in the natural habit for one to three weeks to correct.
3. Medical design – the child’s thumb, form and fit your child’s oral structure of scientific design.
4. greener – made non-toxic materials
Endocrine put in boiling water was not detected

Material : silicone cover-silicon
Lock / band length adjustment ring – Poly carbonate
Wrist bands – Polyester

Dr.Thumb helps to stop thumb-sucking gently and quickly.
Dental clinic data found that average 1~3 weeks of refrain from thumb-sucking
usually breaks the habit. After completing the treatment,
save ‘Dr.Thumb’ for several months in case the habit reoccurs.

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1 – 3 yeas old, 3 – 7 years old


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