The Original Toddler Cards – Milestone Card

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This set contains the following cards:
These Cards Belong To (name, date of birth, place of birth, mother, father, brothers and sisters)
I can dance
I can jump
I can eat with my spoon and fork
I can climb the stairs by myself
I can throw and cath a ball
I used the potty
I can ride my tricycle
I can ride my bicycle
I know my shapes
I know my colors
I can count to 10
I moved to my toddler bed
I can brush my teeth
No more diapers
My first dentist visit
I had my first haircut
I can put on my shoes
I can get dressed by myself
I can help with cleaning
I can set the table
I made my first artwork
I can sing a song
I can play a game
I can write my name
I know right from left
Today was my first day of school
Today I turn 2
Today I turn 3
Today I turn 4
Blanc card …

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This set of Toddler (Junior) Cards contains 30 cards with memorable events that occur somewhere around the ages of 1 to 4: learning to jump, dance, throw and catch a ball, ride a bike, count to ten, climb the stairs, are just a few of many toddler highlights.

Simply fill in the date and take a picture of your little one together with the card. Their childhood pictures will be truly unforgettable.

  • 30 photocards in a gift box.
  • Including poster with all moments.
  • 200 gr per gift box.
  • Made in Holland.
  • Printed in Belgium.
  • Material: FSC paper and Eco friendly bio inks.
  • US vs. UK edition:
    US includes ‘Colors’ and ‘Diapers’
    UK includes ‘Colours’ and ‘Nappies’