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Steamer Blender Baby Food Preparation Unit – Cherub Baby

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The Cherub Baby Natriblend Steamer Blender Baby Food Preparation Unit will steam, cook and blend your food as well as sterilising your bottles and accessories. With an LCD screen the Natriblend gives you maximum control over how you prepare your baby’s food, and all in one place without having to use any separate appliances or equipment.

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Steamer Blender Baby Food Preparation Unit – Cherub Baby

  • Steams 2 different meals simultaneously.
  • Blends baby food.
  • Defrosts baby food.
  • Warms baby bottles.
  • Sterilises baby bottles.

This Australian 4 in 1 steamer blender unit comes with a built in digital LCD screen so you always know how long it will take to steam, blend, sterilise or warm and includes the flexibility to adjust the time depending on your needs. This handy baby food maker frees up space in your kitchen by merging all your essential appliances in to one place without compromising on any of the features, and all components are BPA (bisphenol-A) free.

The combined steamer and blender functions make it ideal for busy parents who are looking to make home-made baby food whilst maintaining nutrients and vitamins via the gentle steaming method of cooking.

Steam & cook

The baby food preparation unit is designed to cook your baby’s food in the healthiest way possible, preserving all the natural vitamins and nutrients. The baby food processor will steam anything, including meat, fish, pulses and veggies. The ultra fast steamer blender will steam food in as little as 5 minutes, and the alarm will let you know when it is ready so you don’t need to constantly check on the food being cooked.

2 steaming chambers allow you to steam 2 different meals simultaneously, saving you time!


The powerful baby food blender and processor will puree steamed fruit and vegetables in seconds, and the blades are sharp enough to blend foods such as meat. There is no need to move or wash the unit, simply empty your steamed or cooked food in to the blending unit, flick the switch and the mixer will give you a consistent puree in seconds with 2 blending modes to choose from enabling you to produce chunky or smooth meals for baby.

The large blending jug ensures you can process up to 8 baby meals at once.


The steamer blender can also steam sterilise, with the chamber able to sterilise items including large baby bottles (all major brands), pacifiers, teats and so on. Bottles can be sterilised in just 6 minutes and all main brands in all sizes can fit.


You can also defrost and warm your bottles, baby food pouches and breast milk bags via the warming function.  Bottles can be warmed in as fast as 6 minutes and pouches in only a few minutes.

All food preparation components are BPA Free, and with a safety feature OFF feature in blending mode as well as an automatic overheating cut off, it’s the best device and safest option for your family and baby meal prep needs.

This unit forms part of the innovative Australian Cherub Baby Food Preparation System:

1. Blend & Steam with the Natriblend Steamer Blender

2. Pour & Store with the on the go food pouches

3. Cool & Warm with the On the go food pouch warmer & cooler

4. Twist & Serve with the Food pouch spoon.


Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility:

  • Clean after every use, avoid leaving food to dry
  • The food and blending containers are dishwasher safe. Other parts including the blade and seals can be hand washed. The water canister (electrical part) should be cleaned with clean damp cloth

Included in the box:

  • Natriblend Steamer Blender Baby Food Preparation Unit, Australia (NEW grey colour as pictured*)
  • AC power adapter
  • BPA Free Food steaming basket
  • BPA Free Steaming/Sterilisation Chamber
  • Bonus Cherub Baby Baby Food Cook Book
  • Bonus On the Go Food Pouch Sample
  • Instruction Manual

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