Omni Swaddle Sack w/ Wrap

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The Omni Swaddle Sack with adjustable wrap and specially-designed 3/4 length sleeves with mitten cuffs is the ideal swaddle.

  • THE OMNI SWADDLE SACK WITH ADJUSTABLE WRAP AND SLEEVES WITH MITTEN CUFFS IS THE IDEAL SWADDLE. The convertible design supports more sleep positions for baby’s hands and arms, and provides parents with more options when preparing baby for safe sleep.
  • ARMS UP SLEEVES WITH MITTEN CUFFS. The sleeves with mitten cuffs keep baby’s arms warm and parents do not need to dress baby in a bodysuit. Less layers reduces risk of overheating. Integrated sleeves means less laundry for new parents.
  • BABIES WHO CAN SELF-SOOTHE SLEEP LONGER AND BETTER. When baby is swaddled with hands up or arms up, baby can self-soothe by sucking on hands. The integrated sleeves keep baby’s arms warm.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH 2-WAY ZIPPER IS EASY TO USE. The wrap is narrow and does not interfere with baby’s hips. The zipper allows parents to easily change baby’s diaper by unzipping from bottom and easily place baby in the sack by unzipping from top.
  • 100% Premium cotton knit is breathable. Small 6-14 lbs, 0-3m. When baby is over 3 months, the AAP recommends parents to stop restraining baby’s arms with a swaddle, and at 3 months, we recommend a transitional Swaddle Sack or a wearable blanket for sleep.

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