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Nasal Aspirator, Age 0+ – Snotty Boss

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The “Snotty Boss” is a new, quieter, stronger battery aspirator. After 2 years in research and development, it replaces the “Snotty 3” model they have sold since 2016.Based on customer feedback, there are many upgraded features, with stronger suction and flexible nozzles.


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  • Safe, easy snot removal in the comfort of your home
  • Natural, drug-free way to clear your child’s nose so they can breathe, feed and sleep better
  • Registered as a safe medical device with TGA Australia, for newborns, children and adults
  • Recommended by medical professionals, lactation consultants and first aid instructors
  • Easy cleaning, waterproof attachments and washable inner pump to maintain hygiene
  • BPA free, reusable and environmental – no disposable parts
  • Includes bonus refillable saline spray bottle and carry bag
  • 3 sized soft, silicon nozzles


  • 55 kpA suction
  • 2 x AA batteries ( not included)

Whats inside? 


  • Narrow tip – Recommended for use when the mucus is more liquid or thin
  • Large tip – Recommended for use when the mucus is more solid
  • Newborn tip – Recommended for use with newborns and babies under 3 months
  • Saline Bottle – Refillable bottle to help loosen mucus
  • Storage Bag – Conveniently store accessories for travel and easy access



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