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Fairy Tales, Mermaid’s Tale – Colour Me Mats

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Fairy Tales “Mermaid’s Tale”

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Mermaids have appeared in tales of folklore in
numerous cultures worldwide, the earliest in
ancient mythology was discovered to be more
than a thousand years ago!
The most popular literature is found in Hans
Christian Anderson’s fairy tale The Little Mermaid
(1836), which has been retold in numerous
The most popular of which is the 1989 Disney
movie of the same name!
Tell your own version with these Colour Me
Puzzle Mats! Collect all 4 in a series to piece
together into a beautiful storyboard!


When selecting your choice of markers, we
recommend the following:
– Broad Tips for toddlers & preschoolers below 5
years of age
– Fine Tips for young children aged 5 and above


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