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Animal Habitats, Deep Blue Sea – Colour Me Mats

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Animal habitats a deep blue sea

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The Outback is a remote and dry region of
Australia that takes up 70% of the continent and
it is home to a wide variety of animals – many of
which are unique to the region!
Can you spot familiar animals such as the
Kangaroo, Wombat, Quokka and Emu? How
about the Tasmanian Devil, Dingo, Bush Tail
Possum and Echidna?
Join Mase and Avie as they wander into the
Australian outback for an adventure!
When selecting your choice of markers, we
recommend the following:
– Broad Tips for toddlers & preschoolers below 5
years of age
– Fine Tips for young children aged 5 and above


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