All New Baby Bottle PA 260ml, 2pcs Without Teat – Spectra

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Spectra – All New Baby Bottle PA 260ml ( 2pcs ) without teat

Available color : Cream Ivory, Cream Pink, Blossom and Lavender

This item: All New Baby Bottle PA 260ml, 2pcs Without Teat - Spectra
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Safe material The polyamide (PA) material used as raw material for baby bottles is an FDA-approved medical grade material. A variety of world-proven certifications give you more peace of mind.  – Environmental hormone BPA, BPF, BPS free  – Microplastic free  – PFOA, PFOS, Halogen free

Convenient bottle management It can be sterilized by various methods such as heat de-sterilization and UV sterilization, so it can be used more conveniently.

Excellent durability If the bottle is scratched, there is a risk of bacterial growth and should be replaced with a new bottle. The all-new baby bottle has strong durability and is not easily scratched, reducing the burden of changing the baby bottle.

The Clear scale mark One tablespoon of normal milk powder is about 40ml. The all-new PA baby bottle made of transparent material is designed in a granular 10ml scale, so it can be easily weighed.

Comfortable grip feel The all-new bottle is designed so that a child can hold it easily and comfortably with both hands. The grip is so good that parents don’t strain their wrists even if they hold the bottle throughout the feeding time.

Anti-roll design The flat design on one side prevents the bottle from rolling even if dropped, making it hygienic to use. Also, since the center of gravity is at the bottom, there is less risk of the bottle falling over.

One-touch open cap Press lightly with your thumb. Even when holding a baby, you can easily open the bottle with one hand to breastfeed.

It can be sterilized by boiling water, UV, steam

Heat-resistant temperature : Bottle(207˚C), Cap(100˚C), Nipple(120˚C) Spectra All New Baby Bottle can be used as follows + You can use the bottle by connecting it with a SPECTRA BREAST PUMP. + If you connect a disk after breast pumping, you can store it immediately + By adding a straw and a handle, you can use it as a sippy cup. (Straw handle sold separately)


Blossom, Cream Ivory, Cream Pink, Lavender


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