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3D Unicorn – Sassi Junior

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A case decorated with glitter contains a brightly coloured and easy-to-assemble unicorn model and a 10-page book that tells a touching story.

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A rainbow appears in the sky. Who made it? A unicorn, of course! With its thick and colourful mane and its magical horn, the mythical unicorn has always lived in the enchanted forest. Read the story and have fun assembling a model of a unicorn. It will bring a little magic into your life.

Model Dimensions: 37 x 40 x 14 cm (15” x 16” x 6”)

Author G. Pesavento, N. Fabris, F. Legimi
Pages 10
Themes Animals
Ages 5+
Language English
Width 32 cm
Height 24 cm
ISBN 9788830305038


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